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Office automation from around the web

Office automation has us excited and we're not alone.

People Google office automation technologies  1400% more often today than 5 years ago.

Here are some of our favourite office automation reads across the internet:

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Examples of office automation

Looking for inspiration? Aren't we all! To make it easier to find, here's a collection of three inspirational stories about how office automation is transforming different sectors.

NHS: Fast pandemic response with automation 

Starting with one small process, NHS Northampton General Hospital is transforming patient outcomes with Robotic Process Automation. 

3 creative automations in Local Government 

Many councils are looking for creative, new ways to meet their community's evolving needs. For a growing number of offices, the solution is automation.

Winning back time for CX in the Private Sector

Getting creative with office automation and Microsoft SharePoint, Thirteen Group won back 250 days of working time annually. 

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