Building a modern, secure  infrastructure - ECS Ltd

 Case Study

Building a modern, secure  infrastructure - ECS Ltd

 Case Study

"We have had excellent support from boxxe for many years, all the work done has been in accordance with MOD requirement hence ensuring we maintain the required accreditations for MOD Contracts"  

- Julian Floyd, Systems and IT Manager, ECS Ltd

The Client:

ECS Ltd specialise in the design and production of Radio Frequency Inhibitors and COFDM data links.

The Challenge:

ECS’s infrastructure was outdated and nearing end of life. The Windows operating systems were close to going out of support. There were also stability issues and a lack of resilience that cost the customer time in maintenance and recovery.

The Plan:

To improve their systems' stability, security and efficiency, we updated their platform to the latest version of Windows Server 2019; modernising the infrastructure, systems, and software of their main (and restricted) networks. We also upgraded their storage to provide additional resilience and performance, and also enabled high availability through Hyper-V failover clustering.

Our Method:

We set up systems so ECS can work faster and smarter, using AI trend analysis, automated escalation chains, alert thresholds and warning capabilities. Together we:

  • - Explored the system’s thresholds, rules, escalation chains and reporting/dashboards…
    - Refreshed and upgraded hardware
    - Patched servers, switches, storage array and firewalls to fix any security vulnerabilities (including bugs)
    - Managed ECS’s Veeam backup server and software.
    - Installed and monitored LogicMonitor’s secure agentless data collector.

The Result:

The cloud-based and fully automated deployment was a quick, cost-effective and efficient solution to ECS’s infrastructure issues. We focused on delivering a valuable ROI, so ECS can:

  • - Use real-time dashboards and reporting to take quick and decisive technical action
    - Analyse past trends with machine learning to predict potential issues and take preventative measures as needed
    - Spend time on the work that really matters
    - Make key strategic decisions in line with their business’ best interests
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