ETL Systems Ltd
Case study

ETL Systems Ltd

Case study

“We have worked with boxxe since I joined ETL Systems back in 2015. I would certainly recommend them for your IT, Comms and software needs. We will continue working with boxxe for future investments and projects based on their professionalism and the outstanding service we receive.

Kevin Baldwin, IT System Administrator, ETL Systems Ltd

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ETL Systems Ltd, has been designing and manufacturing radio frequency (RF) equipment since 1984.

Initially focused on providing satellite communications solutions for UK broadcasters, ETL Systems has since become a world-leading RF manufacturer to the satellite industry.

In 2013 they received their third Queens Award for Enterprise, marketing impressive growth in International Trade. Their reputation was further cemented in 2019 when they received a royal visit from HRH Prince Charles in recognition of the innovative engineering contributions they have made to the country.

We are thrilled to have been asked to support their digital transformation.

The Challenge: collaboration and security

Before engaging with boxxe, ETL Systems were running Exchange on a server which they hosted on-premise.

They were having two problems with this:

Imminent security risk -The server operating system (OS) was due to reach the end of its support. This means that Microsoft would soon stop providing new features, bug fixes and security patches to keep their server secure or running effectively.

Uncollaborative - That infrastructure was making collaboration challenging for staff. ETL Systems acquired Atlantic Microwave Ltd in 2019, a company which used the cloud-based Office 365 for their workplace needs.

Having one office use cloud infrastructure for their emails, and another using an on-premise server made crucial collaboration activities like calendar-sharing impossible. It also meant that the two offices couldn't share access to applications like Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Planner to collaborate and communicate more efficiently.

We recently highlighted Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Planner as two essential tools for a Modern Workforce.

See what other tools an effective workforce use in 2021

Recognising the need for a new digital infrastructure, ETL Systems sought a technology specialist to help them undertake a digital transformation.

The Solution: cloud migration

We approached ETL Systems with a solution that matched their needs, timescales and budget by proposing that they migrate to a hybrid cloud infrastructure. This would enable their difference offices to collaborate without any loss of functionality.

With decades of experience in supporting digital transformation, we know that clear communication is essential for a smooth transition to a cloud infrastructure. That's why we presented a detailed project plan to the board of directors.

We ensured that each senior stakeholder understood our solution and, step by step, the work we would be doing. This meant that ETL Systems could create an end-user scheduling framework and communications plan for their workforce, giving them time to prepare.

By doing this, ETL Systems ensured that their internal IT team wouldn't be overwhelmed by staff support requests once the project started.

The Delivery: tenancy to tenancy migration

Our boxxe Modern Workplace Architect completed the Exchange Hybrid migration and installed an Exchange 2016 server for user management. A further tenancy to tenancy migration was performed to merge the Atlantic Microwave Office 365 workloads with ETL Systems' Microsoft 365 tenancy. This work was done during out of office hours to minimise disruption.

Once the project finished, we kept a boxxe consultant on-hand to resolve any technical mailbox migration issues and complete a thorough post-migration validation. As part of this, our consultant completed any enhanced configuration and remediation activities that ETL Systems required to support their Microsoft 365 deployment strategy. 

From beginning to end, we delivered the project and gave ETL Systems the tools they needed in just 14 days.

Why choose boxxe?

  • 1. We use technology to provide outcomes for your business, not the other way around
  • 2. We have decades of experience in quality project support
  • 3. We get things right first time, no matter how quickly you need the work done 

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