The Met Office
Case study

The Met Office

Case study

“The service from boxxe has been fantastic. It has relieved some pressure from the support teams who no longer need to worry about upgrading the system or troubleshooting problems, freeing them up to focus on more critical systems.”  Jonathan Murch, Technical Lead, Met Office

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The Meteorological Office, abbreviated as the Met Office, is the United Kingdom's national weather service.

The Challenge

The Met Office has seen a significant increase in the use of unmanaged mobile devices in the last few years, making the integral act of handling Public Sector information difficult. As a result, the Met Office decided it was necessary to implement a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution which could securely manage corporate owned devices, but at the same time recognise that ease of use was paramount.

The Met Office put forward three key objectives that were integral to the success of the project:

1) The implementation of a technical solution in order to achieve internal accreditation.

2) An evaluation of the proposed solution through the running of a Proof of Concept.

3) The ability to manage existing unmanaged mobile devices.

The Solution

The boxxe Sales & Service Team collaborated to utilise their extensive knowledge of the MDM market and customer environment to support the Met Office with the implementation of VMware Workspace ONE. boxxe understood the challenges facing the Met Office and used their in-house knowledge to develop a solution with a support service to meet the Met Office requirements.

The solution included an initial Proof of Concept on iPads for the Met Office which featured the provisioning of emails, calendars and contacts. This Proof of Concept utilised the inbuilt VMware Workspace ONE app. Once the Proof of Concept was agreed, the MDM solution was implemented.

boxxe also offered a service which would provide remote support and guidance to the Met Office MDM solution.
The support service enabled the Met Office to log any issues with boxxe through an electronic portal. Afterwards, boxxe were able to complete a full VMware Workspace ONE Health Check of the Met Office system, and offer guidance on how to improve the system.

The Delivery

boxxe delivered the MDM solution and service by using in-house technical expertise of the VMware Workspace ONE system. The Met Office VMware Workspace ONE solution included the deployment of devices, implementation of VMware Workspace ONE MDM Suite, and a support service which allows boxxe to securely manage future updates and troubleshoot the solution remotely.

boxxe also developed detailed enrolment guides, and provided training for existing first-line helpdesk operators. The company provides ongoing support to the user enrolment teams, as well as 24-hour major incident management.

The Results

The implementation of the MDM solution and the support provided by boxxe has given the Met Office the opportunity to allocate resources more efficiently and the ability to focus on other cost saving initiatives.

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