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The landscape of emerging and evolving technologies is extremely complex.

Technological progress is exponential with the rate of growth in a vast array of metrics doubling in ever decreasing timeframes. This means that organisations are faced with the impossible task of having to make decisions about the benefits of a vast number of technologies. This complexity combined with poor advice explains why most digital transformation projects fail.

That’s where boxxe can help.

Our knowledge of the technologies available to you and how best they can be deployed in your organisation is proven and unmatched in our sector. Our Digital Hub simplifies this complex technological landscape by matching your organisational objectives to the technologies that will achieve them. 

Whether you’re trying to streamline processes through automation, increase growth in a new market, connect with your customers in new ways, meet regulatory compliance or build a more flexible workplace, our digital strategy will make it happen. Our solutions may include artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotic process automation, virtual reality, augmented reality, business process management, the Internet of Things and many other novel technological solutions.

Our Digital hub

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Deploys a wide range
of intelligent and automated technologies

Acts as the engine room
of digital transformation


Effective digital transformation is always based on the simplest and most cost-effective solution. A core part of this process is to undertake a rigorous analysis of the technologies you are currently using and the challenges they are designed to solve. We then take this analysis and examine what needs to be done to immediately enhance organisational performance and de-risk the future.


Working to clearly defined outcomes, a precise timeline and a detailed scope, our implementation teams harness their individual and collective expertise to ensure our solutions are understood by all key stakeholders and are capable of increasing performance and reducing costs as soon as they are deployed.


Designing your digital strategy means identifying the best technologies to solve the organisational challenges you face and anchoring the whole process in clear, measurable outcomes. This ensures everyone stays focused on what the digital strategy has to achieve and prevents everyone from getting mired in the complexity of the technological landscape.


There are two challenges that every organisation faces in optimising a digital strategy. First, you have to map changes in your operational behaviour against the evolving technologies you have deployed to solve a specific problem. For example, if you have used a combination of AI and VR to configure potential risks to your supply chain, then advances in an AI risk management solution can be used to de-risk structural changes you make to your supply chain. Second, it’s essential you commit to removing as much complexity out of any solution as possible, which demands a deep knowledge of the digital landscape. Boxxe has a proven track record of excelling in both these areas.

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