Future of Cloud Computing

Behind every great digital transformation in 2021 - cloud computing

Most organisations are at a tipping point - lockdown opened the
door for hybrid-work. Technology innovation has made it possible.
What is the future of cloud computing, and how will it change
the modern workplace?

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What is the future of cloud computing? Well, we have some thoughts about that...

Technology explained: What is desktop virtualisation?

Cloud computing isn't possible without desktop virtualisation.

If that sentence doesn't make sense to you, don't worry.

If you need to start with the basics of cloud computing, start here.


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Looking ahead
The impact of 5G on cloud computing
Tech spotlight
Azure Virtual Desktop: 2021's most down played DX tool

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Getting started with cloud computing

You don't need to work in IT to get excited about cloud computing, but there are a couple of concepts to get your head around first. One is 'virtual desktops'.

Watch the video to find out everything you need to know to be a virtual desktop pro in less than 2 minutes.

HubSpot Video


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The future of cloud computing in the public sector

Ageing infrastructure, struggling hardware and devices running unsupported operating systems. There are so many common challenges in public sector IT that cloud computing can solve. 

Read our collection of case studies and find out what future of the UK public sector looks like.

Benefits of cloud computing in the NHS

Virtual appointments. Remote control ambulance scans. Connected hospitals.

Cloud computing is transforming the NHS.

Benefits of cloud computing for government

In 2020, the UN recognised the UK government as one of the most digitally developed in the world.

Find out why.

Want to join the future of cloud computing? Here's what to do next.

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