[Infographic] 2021 Business Technology Trends

[Infographic] 2021 Business Technology Trends


Organisations adopted new technologies 40x faster in 2020 than they did in 2019, kickstarting a trend of leaders prioritising 'technology strategy' over 'strategies involving technology'.

We've created the below infographic to help you create your own competitive technology strategy in 2021. In it, we share which technologies have been most popular with 1,400+ customers during the last 12 months.

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Why is a technology strategy important in 2021?

In a 2017 Mckinsey survey, most executives ranked cost savings as the main focus of their digital strategy. Today, only 10% view technology the same way. 

What are they focusing on instead? 

The biggest technology investment driver in 2020 was, unsurprisingly, to enable remote working and virtual collaboration. That's not the interesting part. What's interesting is why those organisations keep investing in digital once they have remote working in place. 

According to a 2020 survey by Mckinsey, there are two main reasons:

      • To get ahead: 57% are now investing in digital technologies to create a competitive advantage;
      • To catch up: 30% are focused on modernising their core capabilities to keep up with competitors.

Since both reasons require that organisations know what technology others have invested in first, we're making our sales information public for the first time. 

As one of the UK's top 20 technology service providers by revenue, we help a lot of people achieve more with tech. To help you create a competitive technology strategy for 2021, we're letting you know which technologies organisations have invested in most last year.

Infographic COVID technology investment review shows which workplace technologies have interested organisations during the pandemic


Analysis: Microsoft solutions came out on top

As you can see, Microsoft technologies were the most popular technology investment area last year. There are a couple of reasons why;

    • Microsoft offers end-to-end software solutions, from workplace productivity to digital security. Because these solutions are so tightly integrated and function as an ecosystem, organisations have a strong incentive to build on their Microsoft investment rather than solve challenges with other options.
    • 56% of all Microsoft licenses were underused in 2020. That means that many already pay to access the tools they need to solve challenges. The only help they needed was to figure out how to build these tools into an effective technology strategy.

With 25+ years of commercial Microsoft experience, that's where we can help.

As Gold Microsoft Partners, our team of specialists are the perfect partners to help you deploy, manage and maximise your Microsoft investment.

Here are some examples of how our Microsoft specialists have helped others recently:

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