Adapting to COVID: Technology Strategy Guide for Energy and Utility Companies

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[Whitepaper] Adapting to COVID: what the energy and utilities sector can learn from history



Our latest Technology Strategy Guide for Energy and Utility Companies explores  current challenges to the energy and utilities sector, and how they can be solved with the latest technology solutions.

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This paper was inspired by a simple idea; 'coronavirus is a unique challenge, but it's not the first massive disruption that the utility or energy supply sector has overcome'. 

By researching past events, we set out to answer two questions that we couldn't find the answer to anywhere else:

    1. What can organisations learn from past disruptions to become more resilient to this one?
    2. What technologies are available to help them achieve this?

Digital transformation in the utilities industry

COVID is a catalyst for change, and it's challenging for leaders to plan their strategic response to the pandemic because of frequent changes to government guidelines and regulations. 

Instead of trying to anticipate these changes, there are important lessons which the energy and utilities sector can learn from past disruption events to build resilient strategies, enabled by modern technologies.  

From customer experience lessons of the 2008 financial crisis to the supply chain management strategies that came in the wake of the 2011 Thailand floods, our whitepaper highlights opportunities to turn outlier events into growth opportunities. 

In doing so, we have identified four opportunities for energy and utility companies to thrive through digital transformation.

Download this whitepaper to discover: 

    • How past disruptions can inform a modern technology strategy
    • Which technologies will help you keep customers engaged with a continuous service
    • What consumers expect from the energy and utility digital customer experience
    • How other energy and utility companies are using automation to stay ahead of the competition
    • How to optimise remote teams for the best performance
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