Entrepreneur Phil Doye rebrands UK technology company following acquisition 


Entrepreneur Phil Doye rebrands UK technology company following acquisition 



Technology company SBL, snapped up by entrepreneur Phil Doye a year ago, has rebranded as the organisation steps up its transformation to an innovation-led technology provider.

Doye, the former majority owner of Kelway before he sold it to CDW, has spent the past 12 months laying the foundations toward the delivery of an enhanced level of customer experience to existing public sector customers and an entrance into the corporate market. Previously best known as an IT reseller to the public sector, SBL, who forecast revenues well in excess of £200m for this financial year, plans to extend its customer base whilst ramping up its investments in technology, industry services and customer-facing digital platforms.

To support these initiatives, SBL will now be called boxxe (pronounced ‘boxx-ie’). The reference to ‘box’ is a nod to the technology company’s 30-year heritage and its original name Software Box. The name and new brand will officially launch on September 1st.

Speaking in a company-wide unveiling of the new brand last week, Doye said that the move had been accelerated by Covid-19 – a pandemic that has underlined the importance technology plays in keeping businesses – and people – afloat.

Doye said: “Covid-19 has changed everything. And when we come out of this, we’ll remain permanently changed as a business. I want that change to be for the better. Our new branding recognises our history but embraces the future. It is young, dynamic, forward-looking and supports our intentions to innovate within our own market.”

Doye continued: “Our new positioning ‘Making Technology Human’ gets to the heart of what we do at boxxe. Through razor-sharp engagement, we enable people, systems and technology to function effectively. These are tumultuous times but we will come out of it stronger and part of a wider and better connected community.”

Significantly, boxxe is also working towards B-Corp status; joining a global movement of purpose driven organisations that uses business as force for good. This will be a first in the market and the aim is to complete B-Corp certification by the end of the year.

For a sneak preview of the new branding, go to boxxe.com

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boxxe's mission

boxxe exists to enable organisations to be the best they can be through the use of technology and by giving every person, wherever they are in the world, the confidence to use that technology to drive efficiency and effectiveness in every aspect of their working lives.

About boxxe

boxxe (pronounced ‘boxxie’) is a UK-based technology consultancy which provides the public and private sectors across the world with solutions for fast, effective digital transformation. Founded in 1987 and formerly known as SBL, boxxe provides organisations with IT solutions which range from the provision and management of software and hardware from world-leading partners, right through to expert consultation on future-proofing infrastructure for organisations. Boxxe, headquartered in York, has built its reputation on keeping Britain safe – providing the Ministry of Defence with world-leading security solutions for the past 30 years. Now, military-grade security underpins every strategy or solution boxxe provides its clients.


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