How do we fight burnout in a productive workspace?

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How do we fight burnout in a productive workspace?

transformative series Episode 5:

  How do we fight employee burnout in a productive workspace?

"The level of productivity we saw spike isn't necessarily sustainable, with instances of burnout now taking its toll; Those lines are very blurred, between knowing when to stop [working] and when to start"   

- Kim Baxter, People Operations Manager at boxxe.

Working from home have presented numerous opportunities for employees - enabling us to have greater control over our working life, from how we work to where we work from. Whilst working from home has removed the physical aspect of going into the office, that doesn't mean we haven't yet mastered the art of turning meetings into emails yet.

In fact, our 2021 tech trends for Energy and Utilities sector highlighted the extent of employee burnout as working from home becomes the norm - workers spent on average 2.5x more time on video calls than they did in 2020. Whilst working from home has improved our overall productivity, this has also led to increased employee burnout with over 54% of workers feeling exhausted.

Relating it back to our previous episode, we discussed where your desk goes to in your virtual office. This week, we dive deep into employee burnout, and how automation can supplement sustainable productivity to tackle workspace burnout (and a bonus clip you can find at the bottom of the page!)

Don't worry if automation isn't a familiar concept - You can learn more about how you can make small changes to your current processes with visible benefits using office automation, without sacrificing your budgets!

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How Automation can help, you ask?

Some tasks are time-intensive, and painfully boring to do day in, day out; Yet these are small things, compounded over time, that contribute to employee burnout and makes us more exhausted than we need to be.

Our Free Automation strategy guides enable you to choose yours based on industry - whether your needs involve transforming your customer experience, disrupting your market, or improving patient outcomes.

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Episode summary

This week is all about burnout, listen this to the episode as we talk about how automation can help solve workplace burnout.

🤗 Learn how automation can improve staff welfare and greatly reduce employee burnout 

🌎  Gain productivity insights from a leading San Francisco Techspert

 💡Discover an interesting relationship between people and bots in the workspace

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transformative is a Yorkshire-based conversation, coffee break podcast for office-based technology enthusiasts interested in hearing a 'human' and 'technology' representative debate modern ways of working.

In series 1, we talk about the productivity revolution and what a modern workforce need from their physical and digital workspace to work more effectively.

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transformative is for technology enthusiasts in the North of England. But rather than technical specifics,
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Are the episodes weekly?

The next episode will come out on June 14th 2021, where, we ask "Will bots change the way we think about work?", with guests Kim Baxter, People Operations Manager at boxxe and Rajesh Radhakrishnan from Automation Anywhere.

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If you missed the previous episode, the link is down below:
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