Is there a future for the physical workspace?

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Is the workplace a sustainability issue that not enough people talk about?

transformative series Episode 7:

The physical workspace: Is there a future?

"The working environment is very much going towards the agile working environment. Whereas you're not tied to one desk all day, it gives people different environments to work to increase their productivity"

- Jo Horbury, Head of Design at Building Interiors Group

💬 The human need for socialisation and interaction [04:12 - 06:38]
💻 The choice to work in an agile working environment [06:40 - 08:35]
🙋 Understanding employee wants and needs [10:50 - 15:23]
🖥️ How digital fits into the physical workspace [15:34 - 17:35]

Do we need an office, at all?

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In the last twelve months, the rise of remote work enabled people to work virtually from anywhere.

The shift from in-person collaboration to a fully digital workspace has revolutionised the way we work and emphasised the ability to be productive from anywhere - and it's all down to individual preference.

But how can employers balance between the needs of their business and their employees?

Most importantly, if there is a need for a physical workspace, how might be they be re-purposed to fit the needs of a modern workforce?

This episode discusses the future of the workplace, and how the physical and digital domains can integrate to benchmark what our future workspace may look like, and the impact this will have on our productivity. 

Giving hybrid workers a choice between virtual and in-person collaboration, and the option to design their work structure, is key.

In the last 12 months, technologies like cloud computing and hosted virtual desktops have facilitated remote working that has given many an opportunity to work from home. Although loved by many, it still doesn't fill the gap of in-person collaboration.

As Jamie Hinton best put it:

"We've evolved to be a tribal community. And who's to say that three months of being separated from work is going to change all those four millions of years of evolution? They're not - and that's why we're craving for [human interaction] it."

And this falls under wellbeing tech trends in the workplace, where workers' mental health and productivity are correlated - How and where people work will have an impact on the modern workforce and what the future workplace will look like - listen for more insights.

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Episode summary

This week is all about the future, and how the workplace will look like to suit the needs of the modern workforce.

As hybrid workers are given the option to choose where their work should be done, employers re-define how the physical workspace will look like.

Listen to this episode as we discuss how the future of work is changing, and whether the modern office is part of the physical domain, digital, or a hybrid of both:

💻 How does the physical workspace fit into the digital one?

✅ The productivity revolution: what this means for the modern workforce

💬 Remote working: Balancing the needs between virtual and in-person collaboration

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Who are our guests?

What is transformative?

transformative is a Yorkshire-based conversation, coffee break podcast for office-based technology enthusiasts interested in hearing a 'human' and 'technology' representative debate modern ways of working.

In series 1, we talk about the productivity revolution and what a modern workforce need from their physical and digital workspace to work more effectively.

Who should tune in?

transformative is for technology enthusiasts in the North of England. But rather than technical specifics,
isteners want relatable stories about how people work, and inspiring stories of how people could work.

Are the episodes weekly?

The next episode will come out on August 2nd 2021, where, we discuss "Can you be too productive?", with boxxe's very own CEO, Phil Doyle.

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Transformative: Episode 7 Is the workplace a sustainability issue?

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