Is Microsoft's biggest competitor
the pen and paper?

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Is Microsoft's biggest competitor the pen and paper?

transformative: episode 1

This week we ask whether digital productivity tools are really more productive than the old school methods?

Listen to the episode above or watch it as a Vodcast on our boxxe TV YouTube channel.

Episode summary

This first episode is all about digital vs. analogue productivity.

🛠️ Are digital productivity tools better?

🖋️ Are we more productive with pen and paper?

📝 Is Microsoft actually competing with 50% of the office desk real estate?


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Who are our guests?

What is transformative?

transformative is a coffee break conversational podcast for office-based technology enthusiasts in Yorkshire who are interested in hearing a 'human' and 'technology' representative debate modern ways of working.

In series 1 we talk about the productivity revolution, and what a modern workforce need from their physical and digital workspace to work more effectively.

Who should listen?

transformative is for technology enthusiasts in the North of England. But rather than technical specifics, listeners want relatable stories about how people work, and inspiring stories of how people could work.

When will the next episode air?

The next episode will come out on 26 April 2021. In it, you'll hear two Microsoft specialists discuss the best features in the Microsoft suite for staying productive in the modern workplace. 

How do I join in?

The conversation continues on LinkedIn. Follow us for the latest transformative news on our LinkedIn showcase page.

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