What's the perfect digital
workspace for humans?

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What is the perfect digital workspace for humans?

transformative series Episode 3:

     What's the perfect Digital workspace for humans?

WFH is great - there's flexibility in how you structure your day, allowing you to create your custom environment designed to enable you to be as productive as possible.

Although the motivation and willingness to be productive is there, we often overlook the value of designing a workspace that works for us. By that, we refer to creating a digital workspace that complements our skills and structured patterns of working that seamlessly allows us to be our most productive selves. 

Now you must be wondering how you can achieve that - and don't worry, you won't need to do hours of research on 'best digital workspace designs 2021' to find the perfect set up for you.

Instead, our podcast serves to find ways of working that complement and enrich people's working lives to ultimately make it work for you, placing your needs at the forefront when designing a digital workspace. 

And, in this episode, you can find out more about how exactly you can achieve that with the help of Microsoft's features. The good news is, these are already included in your existing Microsoft business subscription, which means you already have it.

That's where boxxe comes in - with 25+ years expertise across the UK as Microsoft Gold Partners, we know exactly how to maximise your Microsoft investment to make it for you.Discover what a 2021 Microsoft workforce looks like

Listen to the episode above or watch it as a Vodcast on our boxxe TV YouTube channel.

Episode summary

In today's episode, we debate mental ergonomics and, more specifically, designing a workplace that prioritises the people using it, first:

😌 Can you create a workspace that's perfectly shaped to fit the way an individual works?

😟 Do you have to sacrifice welfare for productivity?

 💡What Microsoft features can help keep your work accessible?

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Who are our guests?

What is transformative?

transformative is a Yorkshire-based conversation, coffee break podcast for office-based technology enthusiasts interested in hearing a 'human' and 'technology' representative debate modern ways of working.

In series 1, we talk about the productivity revolution and what a modern workforce need from their physical and digital workspace to work more effectively.

 Who should tune in?

transformative is for technology enthusiasts in the North of England. But rather than technical specifics,
isteners want relatable stories about how people work, and inspiring stories of how people could work.

Are the episodes weekly?

The next episode will come out on May 24th 2021, where, we ask "Where does your virtual desk go In your virtual office?", with guests Jamie Hinton, CEO Razor and Jo Horbury, Head of Design, Building Interiors group.

How can I join in?

The conversation extends to our LinkedIn, where you can follow the latest Transformative updates here.

If you missed the previous episode, the link is down below:
Transformative Ep 2:  What Microsoft 365 features should the  modern office be using? 

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