Is the workplace a sustainability issue that not enough people are talking about?

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Is the workplace a sustainability issue that not enough people talk about?

transformative series Episode 7:

The workplace is a sustainability issue - and not enough people are talking about it.

"As to creating a stable workplace, that's a forever improving cycle; Sustainability isn't just a place. It is people and the place coming together, with wellbeing as a huge factor where our natural capital needs meets our social capital that enables us to achieve more". 

- Matt Hocking, UK B-Corp Ambassador & Director, Leap Design Agency


Sustainability is a growing theme across industries that's set to become increasingly core to everything we do.

But how is sustainability shaping the future of work, and how central is it to our future-decision making within the context of designing a productive workplace?

Microsoft has pledged to be carbon negative by 2030. And, by using Microsoft tools, you are actively taking part in reducing your emissions as a business and proactively playing a part in a shift towards a sustainability-centric workplace.

The current landscape paints a different picture where sticking to analogue tools, such as writing down your notes on paper, means an unnecessary increase in your carbon footprint.

Listen to this week's episode of Transformative to be a part of the conversation.

This article by Stanford Magazine found that a standard notepad requires approximately 1.5kg of carbon to produce.

If an individual uses roughly an A4 notepad every 3 months, their paper consumption alone produces 6kg of carbon annually. Since most workers will use a laptop/computer for work anyway, taking notes on these devices wouldn't result in any additional carbon being produced.

Depending on which method makes you more productive, that's a personal choice - one that's discussed on our very first episode titled "Is Microsoft's biggest competitor the pen and paper?".

To be as productive as possible, what role can we play to design a workplace that prioritises a sustainability-centric workforce, whilst achieving our collective and individual targets?

Don't worry if you want to be your best productive self, but you're not sure where to start.

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Discover what a 2021 Microsoft workforce looks like

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Episode summary

This week is all about sustainability, and how the future workspace should be revolved around that. Listen to this episode as we talk about how the future of work is changing, and why sustainability is a core part of the conversation:

😟 Do old working methods present a sustainability issue?

🌎  How do we design a workplace that prioritises People, Planet and Profit? 

🌳 How can a digital workspace contribute to building a sustainability-centric workforce?

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Who are our guests?

  • Craig Griffiths, Partner Technology Strategist at Microsoft

  • Matt Hocking, UK B-Corp Ambassador & Director at Leap Design Agency

What is transformative?

transformative is a Yorkshire-based conversation, coffee break podcast for office-based technology enthusiasts interested in hearing a 'human' and 'technology' representative debate modern ways of working.

In series 1, we talk about the productivity revolution and what a modern workforce need from their physical and digital workspace to work more effectively.

Who should tune in?

transformative is for technology enthusiasts in the North of England. But rather than technical specifics,
isteners want relatable stories about how people work, and inspiring stories of how people could work.

Are the episodes weekly?

The next episode will come out on July 19th 2021, where, we discuss "Is there a future for a physical workplace?", with guests Jamie Hinton, CEO Razor and Jo Horbury, Head of Design at Building interiors group.

How can I join in?

The conversation extends to our LinkedIn, where you can follow the latest Transformative updates here.

If you missed the previous episode, the link is down below:
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