Managed Endpoint Protection, powered by Sophos

The world's best peer reviewed endpoint protection*, managed by experts

Complete protection for all your endpoints, including desktops (all major operating systems supported), laptops, servers, tablets, and smartphones. 


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What you get

Advanced Ransomware Protection

Using Sophos Intercept X, we'll give you advanced protection to disrupt modern attack chains. This includes deep learning for predictive attack prevention and CryptoGuard which rolls back unauthorised file encryption in seconds.

Managed Threat Response

Belt and braces - as well as automated defences, you'll also have a dedicated security analyst to monitor endpoint threats. If detected, your analyst will isolate the endpoint, investigate the issue and work with your team to resolve the issue.

Exploit Prevention

We'll stop the techniques used in file-less, malware-less, and exploit-based endpoint attacks. How? Attackers only actually rely on a handful of exploit techniques in the typical attack chain - Sophos Intercept X's built in protection blocks those techniques and stops zero-day attacks before they start.

Future-proof Defence

With integrated deep learning, our managed endpoint protection uses predictive malware detection to protect you against both known and never-seen-before threats.

Why boxxe?

Fast threat elimination

Combining our expertise with the world's highest rated, most reviewed endpoint solution - we'll block ransomware attacks before they have a chance to wreak havoc on your organisation. 

A safe pair of hands

Your team, supported by a Cyber Essentials Plus and ISO 27001 accredited Security Operations Centre, and a team with 30+ years experience of supporting the Ministry of Defence's cybersecurity.

End-to-end protection for remote workers

Dramatically improve application access for remote workers with optional integrated zero-trust network access. Give your remote workers a more secure, reliable and transparent user experience.

Cloud-based endpoint protection

Advanced endpoint security from a single client agent. That means a smaller footprint and transparent, easy-to-access data within a central, cloud-based console.

Our security clients

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Meet the experts

Get the latest on modern security, best practices and emerging threats from experts at IBM, Microsoft, Qualys, Sophos and CyberRes. 

Malmainson, York | 16 November 2022 | 12pm - 6pm |  Free food and drinks

Expertise in action

What happens when you try hacking a security specialist?

boxxe managed threat detection and response team

Someone tried hacking boxxe last June, bless them.

We hate to say it, but if people are trying to hack cybersecurity experts like us - they're definitely trying to hack you. The difference? Well, find out how it went for our would-be hackers.

(spoiler: not well)

Find out

Our clients love us

Your pain? We understand. That's is why we do what we do, and can provide you with a service like no other.

"I know that no matter what the challenge might be, I can go to boxxe and say 'I've got this issue here. What are your thoughts about it?" and get a solid answer back - I've never had to go back and question them."

“Working with boxxe has been a fantastic experience, they saw my vision and brought it to life, adding their own innovative and forward thinking ideas.”

“We have had excellent support from boxxe for many years, all the work done has been in accordance with MOD requirement hence ensuring we maintain the required accreditations for MOD Contracts.”

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