Azure Virtual Desktop

Like 'Netflix', but for computing

Instant streaming access to a managed cloud desktop
from any device.

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Azure Virtual Desktop

Like 'Netflix', but for computing

Instant streaming access to
a managed
cloud desktop from
any device.


What do I get with boxxe's Azure Virtual Desktop services?

A secure, fully managed Windows 10 desktop in the cloud that your team can access from any device with Azure Virtual Desktop

We will scope, design and build the desktop to your specification, ensuring teams can access any applications they need for work.

“60% of the UK workforce work remotely in 2021. That’s a massive hassle for IT professionals who manage hardware, security and access to sensitive dat

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What makes Azure Virtual Desktop great?


Perfect for remote teams

Connect remote workers to a secure, central desktop from any device. Never worry about patching a teams-worth of laptops again.


Defence-grade security

As an accredited Ministry of Defence security specialist, your systems, data and reputation are safe with us.


Win back time

You'll have full access to the desktop of course, but we'll manage it for you.


Stream a more powerful PC, from your PC

Give teams access to more powerful hardware than they have at home without the cost of provisioning.


Custom workloads

Different teams have different computing needs. We can build a custom desktop for every type of user in your business to help everyone perform at their best.


No extra license costs required

Azure Virtual Desktop is a free service that you can use as part of your existing Microsoft 365 or Windows per-user license.

Why work with boxxe?

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"Working with boxxe has been a fantastic experience, they saw my vision and brought it to life, adding their own innovative and forward-thinking ideas."

- Jayne Allport, Head of Services

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 Where will my desktop be hosted? 
Azure, Microsoft's industry-leading cloud platform.

 Does a virtual desktop run any different to a normal one? 
Not at all, your virtual desktop will work exactly like any other desktop you've used before.


 How is the service costed? 
We like to keep costs simple - there's a flat monthly charge per user, plus any Microsoft Azure fees for the storage and computing power you use over each billing period.


 How do we connect to a virtual desktop? 
Your whole team can connect in one of two ways - using the Remote Desktop app (available for Windows, Android, macOS, iOS and Linux) or through any many browser (Edge, IE, Safari, Firefox or Chrome).


 We have no cloud experience - does that mean we can't use a virtual desktop? 
Not at all. We'll do all the work for you, from set up to maintenance. All you need to do is choose your package and we'll take care of the rest.


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