Modern Slavery Statement

Modern Slavery Statement

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boxxe limited acknowledges its responsibilities in relation to tackling modern slavery and commits to complying with the provisions in the Modern Slavery Act 2015.


Structure and Business

boxxe is a vendor independent, enterprise level specialist in the supply of hardware, software solutions and professional services including training and consultancyemploying approximately 180 employees, based in Nationally across the UK. Recognised as market leading in Information Assurance (IA), boxxe plays a key role in supporting government through IA initiatives and services. Vendor independence and our commitment to the highest levels of customer service have ensured boxxe’s continued success since 1987. Our vendor independence policy is designed to ensure that our customers get the product or service that best suits their needs, regardless of other considerations.



boxxe considers that Modern Slavery encompasses:

  • human trafficking
  • forced work, through mental or physical threat
  • being owned or controlled by an employer through mental or physical abuse or threat of abuse
  • being dehumanised, treated as a commodity or being bought or sold as property
  • being physically constrained or to have restriction placed on freedom of movement



We ensure that boxxe’s recruitment process is in line with UK Employment Laws and is reviewed on an ongoing basis. All new employees are made aware of this statement during their Induction process.


Supply Chain

In order to fulfil its activities, the main supply chain of boxxe include those related to IT software, hardware and services.

As part of boxxe’s ongoing supply chain approval process, boxxe have sought evidence of compliance with this legislation from its key suppliers.


Responsibility for this policy

boxxe’s Board of Directors are responsible for the implementation and continued compliance with this policy which they will review at the start of each financial year, ensuring suitable and sufficient resources are available to ensure slavery and human trafficking is not taking place within boxxe and will use its best endeavours to ensure the same in its supply chain.



Regular training on this policy will be provided to employees as necessary to raise awareness and ensure that employees understand the importance of modern slavery and what they need to do when raising concerns. Evidence of training is documented and retained in the employee’s training file.


Breaches and Potential Breaches

It is the responsibility of all boxxe employees to raise any concerns about any suspicion of modern slavery or human trafficking in any part of our business or our supply chain. boxxe have a policy to encourage employees who suspect a breach of this policy to notify the Head of People in accordance with our Whistle Blowing Policy. Please refer to: COMPANY HANDBOOK SECTION 32 WHISTLE BLOWING POLICY boxxe may terminate its relationship with other individuals or organisations who work on its behalf if they breach this policy.



This is a publicly available policy, which is available both internally within boxxe and on our company website.



This policy is authorised for use by



Phil Doye

CEO boxxe

Signed on original 08/04/2021