Our history

Our history

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boxxe was founded more than 30 years ago as a software licensing specialist and was originally called Software Box. We developed a deep expertise in providing organisations with security for their infrastructure, systems and software.

Software Box became a leading provider of services into the security and defence industries and became an accredited Ministry of Defence security specialist. Our knowledge in this area is still in worldwide demand today.

As Software Box shortened its name to SBL, success continued as we became major technology consultants and suppliers into the public sector. Our public sector expertise deepened as our status grew on major public sector framework agreements. 

Our consultative, analytical approach, combined with our long history of providing security in some of the world's most sensitive technological environments, led to a rapid increase in demand for our services from the corporate sector.

The acquisition of SBL in 2019 by Phil Doye, one of the UK’s most successful technology entrepreneurs, accelerated this demand. It also led to changing the name of the company to boxxe (pronounced box-ie), a name that modernises the brand while respecting our heritage.

We also embedded ‘Making Technology Human’ into the culture of the business and the behaviour of our people. In practice, this means we put people first and understand that the success of every digital transformation depends on the people who deliver it.

The future prospects for boxxe are outstanding. Demand for our services is growing in the public and corporate sectors, our team is the biggest and best it has ever been, our values are enshrined in our behaviour and we are now acknowledged as one of the most dynamic and effective companies in our sector.

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