boxxe Secure
    Veeam Repository

    Ransomware isn't 'if' anymore, it's 'when'.

    54% of internal IT teams struggle to handle advanced
    cyberattacks - and only
    8% of organisations
    that pay a ransom recover
    their full data*
    *based on Sophos' 2021 State of Ransomware report.

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    What is our Secure Veeam Repository?

    Through our Secure Veeam Repository, we store your business critical data backup copies from Veeam's internal environment in our defence grade facility, with your own unique repository for easy data recovery. 

    With end-to-end data encryption both in-transit and at rest in our secure cloud environment, security is at the heart of our operations.



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    What makes our Secure Veeam Repository great?


     Budget-friendly data backup 

     It costs £47,421 to hire one full-time storage engineer*.
    Security shouldn't have to cost your budget (nor your sanity) - Access our team of specialists for a lot less. 
    *based on annual salaries on Indeed May 2021   


     Business critical data protection 

     Your cloud backups are copied in our secure storage facility that safeguard your data from security threats, and a delete backup retention of 30 days


     Industry-leading recovery flexibility  

    Veeam's Repository offers full management and ease of access - enabling you to quickly recover any backup data for business continuity.


    Backup reporting

    Our proactive approach places your security needs at the forefront with recover testing to report on any security gaps to your data.

    Why work with boxxe?

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    "Working with boxxe has been a fantastic experience, they saw my vision and brought it to life, adding their own innovative and forward-thinking ideas."

    - Jayne Allport, Head of Services

    Your frequently asked questions

    Does the Veeam repository service come in one package?
    Our Essential service offers the covers the basic requirements, and the Complete service includes additional 24/7 helpdesk support and more.

    Does my IT team need to manage my backup?
    You don't - we do all the monitoring and managing on your behalf, freeing up time for your internal IT teams.

    Will I have to be running Veeam?
    Yes, you must be running Veeam internally.


    Where will my backup data be stored?
    With end-to-end encryption - at source, in-transit, and at rest in your cloud repository - your data is safe with us, copid in our secure storage centre.


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