Software Asset Management maturity assessment

Data Hub service

Software Asset Management maturity assessment

Data Hub service

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Managing software across the modern workplace is a challenge. Software costs need to be tracked and accounted for from the point of purchase through to support and maintenance. Effectively managing all your requirements and deploying software in a dynamic and efficient manner can be a challenge in a fast-paced environment. 

Knowing how evolved and mature your Software Asset Management practices can enable you to make strategic choices to accelerate control of both software and its costs.

Our approach

boxxe’s SAM maturity model review is a gateway for finding out all about your current place in the ISO1977-1 standard. It helps you objectively understand where you are now, where you should aspire to be, and what business benefits you can bring. It’s difficult to get a holistic view of all the different parts of Software Asset Management. They are often owned by different people or individuals, but our experienced SAM consultants can help bring these ends together to provide invaluable insight. We will build a consolidated action plan with you, and get you moving to greater efficiency of your SAM estate.

Our Process


Our experienced SAM consultants will review where you are on the 5 ISO 19770-1 categories


We can then give you a reflective score against the four categories of SAM


We will map out the necessary steps needed to realise better asset and cost controls


We are experienced in bringing individuals and teams on-board, shaping C-level strategies


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