Protect your organisation with our Secure Content Delivery Service 

Security Hub service

Protect your organisation with our Secure Content Delivery Service. 

Security Hub service

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Secure Content Delivery is a high-availability, trusted content-delivery system that enables you to access external content for all systems from a single source – saving you considerable time and resources. 

No longer do different teams have to go to different sources to get the content they require to maintain their area of your eco-system allowing them to focus on fast, iterative software delivery and innovation.    

Housed in a secure vault to offer you the highest levels of protection, our platform sources content direct from the publishers, so that you know it can be trusted, we then vet and verify the content and delivers it to a single secure area for you to access.

How Secure Content Delivery Works?

Secure Content Delivery gives you highly-secure access to any online content by gathering information direct from publishers and manufacturers via secure links. We then carry out thorough checks to ensure content is clean and authentic, before it is transferred into a high-security area for you to access.

Why Secure Content Delivery?

Highly Secure Infrastructure

boxxe has developed a highly secure infrastructure for the  Secure Content Delivery platform. It provides a one-way delivery system for accredited and verified data. The system is housed in a secure vault and offers you the highest levels of protection. Our platform sources content direct from the publishers, so that you know it can be trusted, we then vet and verify the content and deliver it to a single secure area for you to access.

Fast, Resilient, Reliable Patch Delivery

Our Platform is a high-availability system that can be delivered to you via several routes. We are always working to enhance and expand the product. New versions are consistently released to ensure that speed, functionality and resilience are continuously optimised. It’s a vital service that gives your users direct access to the latest, most secure content – no matter where they are located.

Customised to Your Requirements

The Service can be fully customised for your organisation, according to the number of users and the scope and complexity of the information you require. You get safe, reliable access to all content direct from multiple publishers, manufacturers and our trusted suppliers. All delivered from a single, trusted source. We will use your white list of approved content to create a secure service that meets your needs.

Routes to Secure Content Delivery Service

Our Secure Content Delivery Service gathers content direct from publishers, manufacturers and other trusted sources via secure links. We carry out thorough checks to ensure all data is clean and authentic, then make the content available for distribution to relevant parts of your organisation through one of two options:


An extension of your own network, providing a secure repository of content and information, which you can access via site-to-site VPN encrypted connection. Giving you a flexible and cost-efficient way to keep your IT environment safe and fully updated.


A non-internet reliant, high availability, trusted delivery system. It dispatches direct to you for distribution to relevant parts of the organisation.

Always Available

Our Secure Content Delivery Platform is always available, making it an integral part of your security playbook. It works without an internet connection or even when you’re under attack. This enables you to protect and rebuild your system if compromised.

Our Process


We provide a direct connection with publishers, manufacturers and vendors.


You can update patches and bug fixes via a secure link.


Secure Content Delivery will update for viruses, malware, faults and interference.


You can deliver to clients via a secure connection.

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