Sprint with Razor

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Sprint with Razor

Digital Hub Service

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From problem to proof of concept in four steps.

The Razor Sprint is designed for businesses that want to take action and make a change as quickly and efficiently as possible. We work in conjunction with leading technology innovators Razor to tackle your hardest problems and remove the barriers to progress that are limiting your potential. By getting the right people in the room, without distractions, together we produce meaningful prototypes, tested on real data, that help you decide what to do next.

Our Approach

In today’s digital world, speed is king. In order to solve your most critical tech problem, boxxe consultants – in collaboration with Razor – will guide you and your team through one complete sprint – with a guaranteed proof of concept at the end. This guided sprint creates the space you need to think, innovate, and make the game-changing decisions that will set your business apart. 

How it works 

boxxe consultants adhere to a proven 4-step process that provides clarity, structure and the confidence to move forward independently with future projects. 

Stage 1: Discovery

Every business is different. That’s why the first step for us is to completely understand your unique organisational problems and challenges. We uncover what you need and what the expected outcome will be. 

Stage 2: Opportunity

Once we have a good grasp on the challenge ahead, we then explore the possibilities. Once we have agreement on direction, we refine and select the best opportunity that will provide the most value.

Stage 3: Build

Now that the challenge is selected and we have a goal, we begin to build something tangible. This work is completed as a single sprint, with tight deadlines, so the end outcome is clear.

Stage 4: Test

Now we have a working proof of concept it is time to rigorously test its capabilities against your original requirements. At the end of the process, you will have something working – whether that is a machine learning model that predicts potential fraud or a mobile app that can be used by customers.

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