Protect your data with boxxe’s Veeam Health Check

Platform Hub Service

Protect your data with boxxe’s Veeam Health Check

Platform Hub Service

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Does your organisation use Veeam software? As trusted partners of Veeam, boxxe’s consultants are expertly placed to help you get the most out of your service and keep it working well for you as your needs change.

Data growth, infrastructure changes and advances in technology can result in a backup environment that is no longer effective, putting your data at risk. It is best practice to perform regular reviews of your data protection infrastructure and processes to ensure a smooth operation and give you confidence that your data is still safe. You’ll need to assess effective backup, recovery, archive and reporting – all of which are essential in ensuring the protection of your critical data. With so many areas to get right and in a rapidly changing environment – why not allow the experts at boxxe to give you a fresh, in-depth perspective on your setup?

Our Approach

boxxe’s Veeam Health Check is designed to provide you with an in-depth understanding of your data protection requirements and risks, along with optimisation and improvement recommendations. Our security cleared consultants provide a fresh, external perspective, using the latest industry best-practice and technical knowledge, enabling you to maximise your Veeam investment.

Our Process


We work alongside you to establish and analyse your current data management and protection strategy.

Identifying risks

Our expert team identify areas which need attention in your backup strategy and Veeam backup environment.


Our consultants provide recommendations on design and optimisation for your data protection requirements now and for the future.

Step ahead

Get ahead of your competition.

How it works

Our Veeam specialists conduct discovery sessions with you to gain an understanding of your data environment and protection requirements. We then carry out an audit of your existing backup methodology, configuration, and backup infrastructure. Finally, we will implement Veeam’s backup analysis tool, Veeam One, and run it for 30 days, providing visibility into the performance and capacity aspects of your backup environment.

We create a report detailing your current backup operational level, your desired state of operation and the recommended, actionable steps required to get there, comprising of:

  • Backup strategy
  • Assessment
  • Configuration assessment
  • Performance assessment
  • Capacity assessment
  • Restore capability
  • Recommendations

A specialist Veeam consultant will walk you through the completed report, providing insights into the findings and the recommended actions. You can then decide whether you’d like your Veeam specialist to implement some or all of our recommendations for your organisation or you can use the report to implement them yourself.

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