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Drive productivity from your end users

Workplace hub

Drive productivity from your end users

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boxxe makes the global workplace habitable. In practice, this means creating a reliable, secure platform that enables effective collaboration in real time across multiple geographical locations.

Gone are stuffy high rise offices with thousands of cubicles – a truly modern workplace allows employees to work remotely when needed and not be confined to the same desk every day. Whatever the future looks like for organisations – we believe that Covid-19 has merely highlighted the necessity of using a secure, agile on-premise or hybrid cloud infrastructure to keep your people connected. 

Our solution allows you to create a modern workplace, unleashing the potential of every member of your organisation and freeing them to act proactively and with confidence in the company they represent. The result is the delivery of extraordinary value to you and the clients you serve.

Our Workplace hub

people first


problem solving

Gives your people 
the flexibility they want

Creates a secure
working environment


Where are your people located? What are the most common problems they encounter when trying to collaborate? What are organisational outcomes you need the boxxe Workplace Hub to deliver? These questions form the core of our assessment process, which is the essential first step in building an agile, dynamic modern workplace.


This stage involves improving the technical infrastructure, streamlining communication flows and enhancing the connectivity of people throughout your organisation. It will involve updating software, hardware and applications as well as ensuring data consistency and total security for all people in all locations at all times.


A boxxe modern workplace is designed to enable your people to make the best contribution they can to your organisation and to their own development. Our design teams take into account multiple factors in the design process including geographic location, corporate structure, organisational objectives, IT infrastructure and specific individual requirements for key personnel.


Our Workplace Hub improves productivity and employee engagement because of the 24/7 support we provide post-delivery. We assess the performance of every aspect of your workplace, monitor human and technical feedback, provide comprehensive analytics and reporting and act decisively to improve and evolve your working environment.

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