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Philanthropy Statement


As an aspiring B Corporation accredited business, boxxe is part of a global community of leaders committed to ensuring business is a force for personal, collective and environmental good. As an organisation, we are defined by making technology human and a core part of our mission is to give back to the wider community of which we are a part. That’s why we created the boxxe Community, which is committed to leveraging the many resources both within boxxe and across our customers and partners to support initiatives that utilise technology to make our communities more inclusive and more sustainable.

In practice, the boxxe Community will provide the skills and expertise of our teams, technology, resources and partners in a wide range of projects. These will include working with our charity partners on improving their digital infrastructure and implementing new platforms to increase their revenue and capabilities.

We will also drive local education initiatives to train and upskill students with real-life scenarios, creating a York-based technology hub that can also help new start-ups access the tech, knowledge and skills they need to succeed.
Local charities also need additional resources that we will provide them at no cost.
Every boxxer will be able to spend at least 5% of their time (approximately 11.5 days) a year to do pro bono work where we will deploy our vast expertise to its fullest extent.
For example, our technical experts will hold digital workshops, undertake security health checks, migrate platforms and help in any they can to improve the technical infrastructure and capabilities of the charities with which they work. Our marketing team can help with advice and even film promotional videos free of charge. The boxxe HR team can deliver workshops on employability skills and related topics. Every team and every boxxer will have something positive to contribute.
We promise to be as inventive in supporting the local and wider community as we are in servicing our clients. Whether you are a school, charity or in need of assistance, our community will support yours.

Driven by our values of understanding, inclusion, and sustainability, the boxxe Community is committed to innovation, equal opportunity and, above all, the mission to provide sustainable solutions that are good for both the individual, the community and the planet.
That’s the power of the boxxe Community.
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