what we do

We enable organisations to be the best through technology

We give every person confidence to use technology

We drive efficiency in every aspect of working life

what we do

Be the best you can be with digital transformation

By digital transformation, we mean any attempt to deploy technology to make organisations more agile, more efficient, more profitable and able to unlock their full potential.

Explore our tech hubs

We’re categorising our digital transformation solutions into five technology hubs, powered to transform organisations and enable individuals to perform effectively.

Our technology hubs are underpinned by a strategic consultancy process. Only by understanding an organisation’s commercial objectives can we deliver successful digital transformation, making organisations more agile and profitable.

Platform hub

We work with your organisation to deliver and manage complex hybrid cloud infrastructures. Whether you need to drastically overhaul...

Fix your infrastructure

Workplace hub

We work with your organisation to deliver and manage complex hybrid cloud infrastructures. Whether you need to drastically overhaul...

Support your team

Security hub

boxxe has a proud legacy and proven track record in providing military-level security solutions for businesses. Our Security Hub covers...

Secure your business

Data hub

boxxe can process and simplify vast volumes of data distributed across multiple platforms, data centres, applications and locations...

Make sense of data

Digital hub

Choosing the right technology solution is overwhelming. Whether you’re future-proofing and growing your business or meeting...

Digital support 24/7

We deliver by making technology human

boxxe exists to enable organisations to be the best they can be through the use of technology.


We make the global workplace habitable from a technological and human perspective. One does not overrule the other. They function efficiently and effectively together.


We encapsulated this humanistic vision in the strapline ‘making technology human’ and in our values where inclusion, sustainability and being meritocratic take a leading role.


boxxe believes in reciprocal adaptation adapting technology to people and people to technology.

The drivers of our success are:



Utilising the latest digital technology for successful outcomes



Flexible payment methods to suit your organisation



Access performance and effectiveness insights easily



Everything secure by design to keep you protected



Automating processes to deliver greater efficiency and quality



Transform your organisation with less environmental impact