Carbon Reduction Plan

Carbon Reduction Plan

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Boxxe Limited Carbon Reduction Plan

As an aspiring B Corporation accredited business, boxxe is part of a global community of leaders committed to ensuring business is a force for personal, collective and environmental good. As an organisation, we are defined by making technology human and aim to integrate sustainability into everything we do to create a stronger, more successful business which enables us to give back to the wider community of which we are a part. Our sustainable approach also enables us to play an important part in protecting the environment for future generations by working with our partners, suppliers and vendors to deliver and support a sustainable supply chain and support our clients by delivering sustainable products/solutions to sort their sustainability journey. Today boxxe is carbon neutral across our sources of Scope 1 and 2 through purchasing EU ETC carbon allowances. By 2030, our entire business will be carbon neutral, achieving Net Zero across our entire business from supply chain to products.

As per the GHG Protocol and requirements of the PPN 06/21, our carbon footprint baseline (year ended 31 December 2019), current year (year ended 31 December 2020) and reduction plan have been developed using the financial consolidation approach.

Our Carbon Reduction Plan includes:

  • - Scope 1: Emissions from the use of oil for heating and hot water in our offices, and emissions from fuel used in our company vehicles.
  • - Scope 2: Emissions from our sub-metered electricity consumption in our offices and warehouse.
  • - Scope 3: Emissions associated with waste disposal, business travel, employee commuting, water supply, waste waste, upstream transportation and distribution and downstream transportation and distribution.

The following table summarises our carbon performance results:

Energy Footprint

2019 tCO2e

Comparative & benchmark year

2020 tCO2e

Reporting year

% Movement





Scope 2




     Scope 3*
















*Our scope 3 estimated calculations exclude impacts from purchased goods and services, use of sold products, transmission and distribution emissions associated with Scope 1 and 2.

 Intensity ratios have been calculated as tCO2e per total £m of sales revenue and tCO2e per average number of employees, in order to represent how our emissions are impacted by the growth of our business. All data used in the report are from verified sources, and we have used a third party along with internal resources to perform any calculations.

boxxe climate road map

boxxe support the UK government’s goal of achieving NetZero carbon by 2050 and we are committed to achieving NetZero by 2030. boxxe’s 8-year roadmap will lower emissions with a series of actions, including:

Energy efficiency and carbon reduction achievements

The following environmental management measures and projects have been completed or implemented since 2019.  The carbon emission reduction achieved by these schemes until the end of 2020 equates to a 22 tonne (5%) reduction in our Scope 1 and 2 emissions.  Reduction against the 2019 baseline and the measures will be in effect when performing the contract.

Business Travel and Employee commuting:

  • - Removal of company vehicles as they come up for renewal, instead encouraging employees to use technology for virtual meetings rather than travelling for them.
  • - Reduction in business/commuter travel by encouraging the use of virtual technology to reduce the use of train/car/aeroplane travel and the emissions they create. Where travel is required then the use of public transport is encouraged.
  • - Introduced a work from anywhere in the UK policy Reduction in the amount of commuting done.
  • - Electric charging points have been installed at three of our four our premises to allow employee’s with fully electric vehicles or hybrid vehicles to charge them on site.

Renewable energy: 

  • - 59% of all electricity used by boxxe has been procured from renewable sources in 2020 – a total of 324,680MWh.
  • - Our aim is to source all our electricity from renewable sources by the end of 2022.


  • - Reduce energy consumption through new energy efficient lighting and automated occupancy technology.
  • - Waste Management - Switched to an Environmental Agency registered waste carrier who recycles 95% of waste and the remaining 5% that cannot be recycled are taken to the state-of-the-art Energy Recovery treatment facilities where the items are converted into energy to product electricity to power thousands of households​.
  • - Reduction in water waste - Our facilities are fitted with low water use toilets.
  • - Zero plastic cups across all locations and all staff are provided with a boxxe box which includes a reusable branded water bottle and coffee mug to encourage the minimisation of plastic waste.
  • - Reduction in printing across all offices using printing software solutions.
  • - Chemical Reductions​ - Improvements include eco cleaning products, chlorine/bleach free paper products, low VOC inks, eco office supplies and the office chairs being made from recycled plastic.


  • - Source Reductions​ - Logistics re-use packaging & pallets to reduce our impact on the planet​
  • - Our packaging is certified to meet independent standards for environmental impact (i.e. FSC), is nontoxic and is recyclable.


  • - Utilize clean or low-emission vehicles (e.g. hybrid, LPG, electric) to transport and distribute product.

Certifications and accreditations:

  • - We maintain an accredited ISO 14001 Environmental Management system covering the entire scope of our business.

Carbon allowance scheme:

The Group has invested in the first physically backed Carbon Exchange-Traded Commodity (ETC). The ETC makes EU Carbon Allowances (EUAs) more accessible and once held prevents highly polluting companies from accessing those credits to pollute. Under EU law, holding EUAs for twelve months or more triggers additional permits being cancelled in future years. As polluters and investors compete for a reduced supply of EUAs, prices may rise until too expensive for polluters to continue using dirty fossil fuels, incentivising the switch to cleaner energy.

Through our holding in this carbon allowance scheme, we have taken 4,761tCO2, this is over 10 times the emissions that boxxe creates directly from its operations.

Next steps:

We will prioritise measures that will deliver the best deduction in emissions:

  • - To source all our electricity from renewable sources by Q2 of 2022.
  • - Install electric charging points at all of our premises (currently installed at 3 of the 4 sites) to allow employee’s with fully electric vehicles or hybrid vehicles to charge them on site.
  • - To help reduce operational CO2 emissions, we are reviewing the use of refrigerants (cooling currently counts for 75% of boxxe’s direct carbon footprint) and implementing energy efficient solutions to reduce emissions.
  • - Embed our Work From Anywhere in the UK policy to continue to reduction in the amount of emissions created from commuting done.
  • - Reduction in business/commuter travel by introducing a virtual stewardship policy to continue to encourage the use of virtual technology to reduce the use of train/car/aeroplane travel and the emissions they create.
  • - Ensure that our partners strategy is aligned to our carbon reduction strategies to work towards our collective carbon neutral goal. We will also work with our supply chain to improve the accuracy of our scope 3 reporting for Upstream and Downstream Transport & Distribution and to provide insight into where we can work together to reduce this.
  • - Using the waste hierarchy to reduce our waste.
  • - Continue to look at innovative ways to reduce our emissions and ways to offset emissions.


This Carbon Reduction Plan has been completed in accordance with PPN 06/21 and associated guidance and reporting standard for Carbon Reduction Plans. The plan has been reviewed and is approved by the Board of Directors of boxxe Limited.

Phil Doye, CEO

17th December 2021


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