Fully managed IT and 24/7 security for the UK Central Government

 Case Study

Fully managed IT and 24/7 security for the UK Central Government

 Case Study

"boxxe have been responsive, open and collaborative. The management of the projects has been very good, with flexibility and agility. We really get the impression that the core team in boxxe really care about delivering a good service to us."  

- Organisation representative

The Client:

Our client is a newly formed public body within the UK’s Central Government.

The Challenge:

As a brand new public body, our client had a small team with limited IT expertise. They were looking for a partner to work with them to understand their requirements and help build the organisation from the ground up, so those already in roles could focus solely on executing the initiative’s deliverables.

So, we were brought in to develop their technology strategy, IT infrastructure and end user computing requirements around 4 key considerations. They wanted to:

  1. 1. Keep their carbon footprint low by owning as little of their hardware as possible, whilst also creating a great user experience for their team.
  2. 2. Manage expenditure, without compromising on the quality and security of their new infrastructure.
  3. 3. Fully hand their IT infrastructure and end-user compute functions over to boxxe, for optimisation and maintenance, ensuring its smooth running.
  4. 4. Ensure the services were fully scalable to support 40 users at launch and up to 200 by the end of 2022.

The Method:

We led workshops with their team, to devise a plan and technical strategy wholly suited to their work and operational needs. Once this was approved, we moved onto the build and implementation of new infrastructure, end user compute and security services.

After extensive testing to ensure the client infrastructure would meet the strict governance requirements of a Central Government organisation, the project was approved, signed off and transitioned smoothly into a live service.

The Outcome:

We decided on a 4 part action plan, which would deliver benefits in the multiples!
No.1 Defining the scope. We needed to understand what the team required from a technical perspective, defined by:
●    Where they wanted to work
●    How they needed to collaborate
●    Whether they would be on-premise, or fully on the cloud?

No.2 End–User computing We decided to lease clients’ hardware through Dell Financial Services so they can:
●    Spread the cost of payments over 3 years.
●    Support the circular economy – devices will be refurbished and re-used at the end of clients’ lease where possible
●    Support sustainable tech practices – boxxe facilitate the return, refurbishment and redistribution of all hardware throughout its lifecycle.
●    Reduce emissions – by reducing the demand and high volume production of device manufacturing.

No.3 Fully managed Security Operations, thanks to our 24/7 Managed Threat Detection and Vulnerability Patching Service:
●    We use our in-house SOC (Security Operations Centre). This was onboarded and live within just 2 weeks.
●    We provide custom dashboards, offering the client an overview of all security events, incidents and user activity over a 30 day period.
●    Our technical security analysts also hold a monthly meeting with key client stakeholders to review their Security Dashboard in PowerBI.

No.4 Managed Infrastructure The client wanted boxxe to be accountable for the day to day running of their systems:
●    So we monitor and optimise cloud infrastructure in Microsoft Azure to support their operations.
●    We use industry-leading software and platforms, like LogicMonitor, to perform regular health checks, and resource optimisation to prevent overspending in the cloud.

The Result:

Following a smooth transition from the build phase, boxxe took on the management and support of the client’s IT environment.

And thanks to boxxe’s SOC service provided to the client - our expert analysts have triaged and closed 5173 cyber security alerts over the last 9 months. Only 10 of those were escalated to serious incidents* and all were dealt with within agreed Service Levels.

With boxxe’s continued management and support of their entire IT function, the client have confidence in the long term sustainability, scalability and reliability of boxxe’s services, working in true partnership with client stakeholders to deliver a robust yet flexible IT function that support the client’s mission.

*Analysts only escalate these alerts to serious incidents (i.e. they must be dealt with immediately) if a trend is identified amongst recent events and alerts.

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