Don't WASTE your team's time

Try a free waste chat bot and save 100's of hours


Automate high volume, low value interaction with a free waste bot, and save hours!

Your agents spend over 50% of their time dealing with waste collection issues. Let us give that time back with a free waste chat bot.



"83% of all waste enquiries that come to the bot are handled without the need for agent intervention.

We have already given back hundreds of hours to the contact centre"

- Abigail Barton, Monmouthshire County Council


What next?


We would love to help you take your next steps in automation. If you're not quite ready to try a chat bot, here are some next steps that we hope will help you to know where to start. 

  • Contact us. Our dedicated Local Government Team understand the challenges Local Government face and can talk you through some automation use cases and success stories. And they can connect you with our Automation Specialists when you're ready to dig a little deeper. Get in touch here or reach us on
  • Read our blog "Automation: 3 creative uses by local government" which gives examples of conversational AI, RPA and chatbots in use in Local Government
  • Book a free RPA Discovery Workshop during which we'll show you how RPA works and how to build your first bot
  • Download the Automation Strategy Guide for Local Government, which includes step-by-step guides for creating a high-impact automation strategy and where to find free online courses to help you become an automation expert
  • Contact us. We know, we said this already. But we really are eager and able to help you on your automation journey. 

Let boxxe help you use automation to win back time:


To make automation easier for organisations to adopt, we have partnered with automation specialists We Build Bots, Automation Anywhere and Microsoft to create an Automation Centre of Excellence. Through this, we can offer training and workshops, consultancy, managed services and full-suite automation solutions.


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