Will bots change the way we think about work?

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Will bots change the way we think about work?

transformative series Episode 6:

Will Automation change the way we think about work?

"We can delegate tasks to administrative assistants. But you don't delegate the most critical decisions to others. Even a junior employee can delegate some tasks to bots, but the important decisions are still theirs to be made."

- Rajesh Radhakhrishnan , Executive Vice President at Automation Anywhere


Following from the previous episode on "How do we fight employee burnout in a productive workspace?", the central theme focused mainly on maintaining employee productivity without leading to burnout; At a time where where WFH means our working hours are extended into our home offices, mental health is closely related to it.

In fact, boxxe ran activities internally to raise awareness on Mental Health Awareness Week. Available to all boxxers, some of the activities included meditation sessions, top tips to avoid burnout, and a webinar on how our nutrition is closely linked to our mental health, titled 'Mood for Food'.

Extending from the previous episode, this one focuses on automation, and how bots are going to be integrated, in 5-10 years time, into our everyday working routines. 

 In fact, automation is often related to misconceptions of robots replacing us and doing what we do, better and more efficiently. But that couldn't be farther from the truth. Let's use an example of automation used at internally at boxxe. 

In reality, automation is more about offloading tasks and helping you, than to replace you. 

Across Human Resources, for a boxxer to call in sick, our system automatically deploys a self-certification form for our employees to fill out. Previously, where it involved another person, this process has been automated to the point where your sick day request no longer needs any form of human intervention. 

Now, it does work better for HR as it's a far more efficient process and, linking back to mental health, the feedback has been amazing. Presently, people feel generally more comfortable to be absent from work for valid mental health reasons (without having to necessarily disclose it to another colleague), as the process has been automated.

This is just one small example of how automation is used across boxxe. If you're interested in how automation can better serve your business objectives - whether that's better a customer experience or improving ways of working - you can learn more about automation below. 

Don't worry if automation isn't a familiar concept - You can learn more about how you can make small changes to your current processes with visible benefits using office automation, without sacrificing your budgets.

Learn more about automation

How Automation can help, you ask?

Some tasks are time-intensive, and painfully boring to do day in, day out; Yet these are small things, compounded over time, that contribute to employee burnout and makes us more exhausted than we need to be. If you're interested in how automation can be used to do intensive tasks (that frankly no one wants to do), we'd suggest you to read more on Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Our Free Automation strategy guides enable you to choose yours based on industry - whether your needs involve transforming your customer experience, disrupting your market, or improving patient outcomes. Automation strategy guide for energy companies - boxxe GIF

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Episode summary

This week is all about Automation. Listen to this episode as we talk about how bots can help enhance your working workforce (and what this means, in practice).

🤗 Learn how automation enhances the way you work, and not the other way around.

🌎  Gain exclusive insights from a leading San Francisco Techspert on bots and automation use.

 💡Discover our predictions on the future workforce relationship
with bots, and how they'd integrate in our working routines.

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The next episode will come out on July 5h 2021, where, we discuss "The workplace is a sustainability issue - why are not enough people talking about it?", with guests Craig Griffiths, Partner Technology Strategist at Microsoft and Matt Hocking, UK B-Corp Ambassador, and Director of Lead Design Agency.

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Transformative: Episode 6 Will Automation change the way  the think about work?

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